TrainingGRC Platform User / GRCPU
Duration1 day

Overview & Audience

GRC Platform User (GRCPU) training is intended to target individuals who is regularly and actively working in one or more processes/solutions in their GRC environments. It intends to provide a better understanding of GRC concepts and especially platform user functions. It enables them to be more effectively perform their daily duties, accountable actions, assigned records  with better analysis, reporting and overall understanding of the environment. It  increases the value, engagement, satisfaction and contribution of end users.

Training Objectives

  • Better understanding of GRC concepts and terminology

  • Better understanding and knowledge of general GRC Platform features and functions

  • More effective execution of expected process steps

  • Better engagement to user interface, look & feel options...

  • Faster reach to data, working with records and reports...

  • Improved feedback to process owner for continuous development of process...

Training Content

  • GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) Programs and Concepts

  • User Interface versus solutions and processes

  • GRC Platforms, Basic Functions and Features (Fields, Notifications, Workflows, Reports, Dashboards, Search & Export etc)

  • Understanding Access Right structure

  • Effective data manipulation (bulk updates, data imports etc)

  • Effective Testing for GRC Implementations

  • User Preferences Settings (Time Zone, Language, Local, Subscription Notifications)


  • GRCPU Certificate


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