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Legal Management

With growing regulatory oversight, the corporate legal department and General Counsel are under tremendous pressure to manage and coordinate compliance with a spate of legal mandates such as Antitrust Laws and Employee Health and Safety Laws, as well as FDA, Anti-bribery, HIPAA, FCPA, FCC . At the same time, increasing lawsuits and harmful litigations have raised the need for continuous monitoring and mitigation of legal risks such as contractual, regulatory, and employment risks. The main challenge for the legal department lies in collaborating legal risk and compliance activities with various other departments across the enterprise. Managing these activities in the traditional siloed or ad hoc manner only leads to redundancies, inefficiency, and high costs. Besides it limits the visibility that the General Counsel has into the legal and compliance status of the entire organization. Cross-enterprise visibility is important for the General Counsel to lead critical decision-making processes, and help organizations weather the coming regulatory storm.

  • Legal Matter Management
    • Simplify and streamline the management, analysis and tracking of all legal matter management initiatives and costs
    • Gain a single, centralized framework with intuitive access and search capabilities to efficiently manage, maintain and communicate all vendor profiles, invoices and other supporting data
    • Enhance your ability to evaluate and choose the right vendor with flexible tests and questionnaires, conflict of interest surveys, and built-in checklists that map to your organization’s criteria and standards
    • Closely analyze and track vendor performance with real-time data delivered through graphical executive dashboards
    • Reduce legal spend by efficiently allocating budgets, and tracking expenditures
    • Receive automatic alerts when expenses are near or exceed legal budgets
    • Reduce the maintenance costs of documents and files
    • Streamline financial processes through seamless integration with billing systems
  • Anti-Bribery Program
    • Detailed workflows and complete integration which percolates to all levels in organization
    • Create a culture of awareness and compliance
    • Approach anti-bribery and corruption related regulatory management in a holistic way covering all aspects to deal with incidents of non-compliance efficiently
  • Authority Requests and Examinations
    • Organizes all the necessary documents for the forthcoming examination or request, and ensure that they are easily secured and accessible
    • Helps the examination/request team, supervisors, and compliance personnel effectively prepare for and assess the readiness of their organization for the examination
    • Documents, assigns, manages, and tracks to closure all examination findings and resolution plans
    • Automates the examination process, significantly reducing time as well as the costs of for preparation
    • Helps utilize resources effectively for value-added activities such as constructive interactions with the examiners, and appropriate resolution of findings with the business