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Human Resources

GRC System can enable HR functional and tactical processes can manage compliance with laws and regulations, streamline processes for recruitment and selection, and produce analyses, data and reports for internal and external use. Other advantages of implementing HR processes into GRC  includes the ease of use for qualification computer technology specialists, accuracy of information and the ability to perform HR audits using any combination of parameters. The employee and manager self-service features are excellent ways to free up the time of your human resources staff members for project work and other duties. Employees and managers can locate answers and information quickly without the need to consult an HR representative every time.

  • Organizational Structure and Employee Information
    • Identify and maintain your employee information
    • Manage the hierarchy and who they report to
    • Manage which devices they use
    • Manage which applications and information they use
    • Follow if they completed mandatory trainings
    • Manage their qualifications
  • Screening and Recruiting
    • Manage the documentation centrally
    • Manage the recruiting and hiring process workflows
    • Reduce hiring mistakes
    • Accelerate the hiring process
    • Improve hiring precision
    • Minimize cost of theft, violence and absenteeism
  • Training and Awareness Campaigns
    • Construct and deliver training and awareness communications to selected users and groups
    • Expose users to policy changes and additions
    • Broadcast information regarding special events and assess users’ understanding of various issues
    • Create Presentation, Acceptance Events and Quizzes
  • Performance Management
    • Describe departmental responsibilities, metrics, objectives, and expectations to increase employee awareness and knowledge of business operations
    • Document job descriptions and map them to specific individuals so managers and employees have a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities
    • Translate strategic objectives into quarterly goals for individual employees and track the fulfillment of those goals
    • Document the quarterly and annual review process to enable managers and executives to make informed decisions regarding compensation adjustments and promotions
    • Improve the overall communication process for all employees with regard to job expectations and responsibilities