Solution Details

Business Operations

As organizations become increasingly dependent on vendors for a wide range of products and services, it is essential that they understand and manage the risks introduced by the third party and its supply chain. Businesses need to have full visibility into every aspect of vendor relationships, ensure that their vendor-related risks are within acceptable tolerances, and that their vendors continue to perform consistent with the expectations of the organization. GRC solution enables you to automate and streamline the ongoing oversight of vendor relationships by facilitating four key activities: risk-based vendor selection, relationship management, performance analysis, and compliance monitoring. The solution provides the ability to document vendor relationships with a sufficient level of granularity, to report on activities related to vendor risk, to perform a robust assessment of engagement-level risk across multiple risk categories, and the ability to identify 4th party risk. Solution also offers a centralized repository of third party data, contract archiving and assessment capabilities, monitoring of service-level agreement metrics (SLA metrics), and evaluation of financial viability, contracts, and certificates of insurance.

  • Recurring Income Generation
    • Increase efficiency by GRC to implement a sustained delivery of goods and services to the business’s customers
    • GRC helps you to analyse the costs and decrease them by automation, collaboration, effective communication
    • Increase revenue by efficiency and automation
  • Increased Value of the Assets
    • Increase your business return (Return of Investments)
    • Have control on business margins
  • Secured Income and Value of the Business
    • Help to keep your good demand and desirable
    • Increase the Uniqueness and competitiveness
    • Control exerted over the quality and efficiency of production activities
    • Protect public view for the business as a member of the community